One Mission: Make Funding for Texas Public Schools FULL & FAIR

Keep Education Dollars in Education!



of Texas Public Schools


We are parents and concerned citizens living and sending our children to schools in Spring Branch Independent School District — a recapture district in Houston. We are well-informed and aware of what the State is doing (and not doing) with our school dollars. The time has come to hold Texas Legislators accountable. When parents take action, notice is taken, and change happens.


The State of Texas is relying on school district tax dollars to help fund the State’s General Budget. This diversion of education dollars has placed an unsustainable burden on many school district budgets. In SBISD, twenty-two percent of our collected taxes ($53 million in 2017) are sent to Austin. Less-and-less funding is finding its way to education.


SBISD currently makes payments to the State based on taxes we are not even collecting. SBISD also makes payments to the State assuming we are only educating Pre-K students for half a day when we provide full-day Pre-K. And SBISD also bears the burden of 100% of our transportation costs.


The State has a constitutional mandate to provide free public education, however, for far too long the State hasn’t been ponying up its share of the money, and, has resorted to using taxpayers’ education dollars to fund non-educational budget items. It’s time for the State to be a fair partner in the funding of Texas public schools — and to keep education dollars in education.


  • How is PF3 different from Spring Branch Speaks?

    PF3 is a parent-driven, grassroots movement focused solely on making funding full & fair for Texas public schools. Spring Branch Speaks focuses on every issue facing the district and its 35,000+ students, including funding, but also testing mandates school performance, and any legislation that impacts the district.  Together, we are able to make our voices heard even louder in Austin.

  • How can I get involved with PF3?

    There are many ways to get involved and make your voice heard with PF3:

    1. Join our mailing list to be receive updates on our progress and information about events, bills and news related to the funding issue.
    2. Follow and “like” us on Facebook.
    3. Join us at Texas PTA Rally Day in Austin, Monday, February 2 (link to sign up genius)
    4. Sign our petition (petitioning Lt. Dan Governor and House Speaker Joe Straus)

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